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Decorative Floors You Can't Walk Away From

Part 1: Stunning Mosaics

When was the last time a floor left you... umm...well... floored?

We encounter dozens of different floors every week, from our home to friends’ homes to offices to various stores and other venues. But how often do we really notice them? Chances are, you don’t even remember the last time you looked at a floor with real attention, except to determine if it was time to mop or vacuum again. But floors don’t have to be boring! With the right design and workmanship, they can be beautiful... even awe inspiring.

There are many materials and treatments which will bring a floor to life and lift its status beyond merely something to walk on, to something to make you stand up and take notice. Tiles and natural stone have been used in artistic designs for floors for centuries and, though we used to think of concrete as strictly dull and utilitarian, developments in technology and materials have recently elevated it into the artistic realm as well (part 2 of this series will feature decorative concrete and will apper in the April issue).

Whether simply beautiful or fantastically elaborate or somewhere in between, your floors can literally be works of art, not just the ground beneath your feet. This is the first in a series that will showcase breathtaking flooring ideas.

Mosaic designs can be used in a variety of ways and natural stone is excellent for both commercial and residential uses. Always beautiful as full flooring applications to create an instant impression in an entry or throughout major traffic areas, mosaic designs can also be added as smaller accents to regular stone surfaces. When specified as an accent, the existing stone is cut to size and shape and removed, then the already-assembled custom mosaic is installed and floated to be flush with the surrounding surface. Master suites, entries, wine cellars, and elevators, among other locations, offer great opportunities to incorporate these high fashion, smaller footprint accents on a more affordable budget than a full covering. Beautiful stone or tile mosaics can also create stunning focal points as vertical applications on walls. 

If you’re looking for high-end, high-quality, amazing mosaics, we recommend you ask your designer or installer to contact a local representative of SICIS Art Factory in Italy.

SICIS specializes in masterful and breathtaking mosaics, seamlessly and beautifully fusing traditional, old world craftsmanship with vibrant, modern style and materials. The designs from this company are more of works of art than just surface finishes. Their unique stone works are high fashion with depth and dimension, incorporating fine Italian glass juxtaposed with beautiful marble, lovingly constructed by talented artisans. 

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