Writing Samples

My First and Everlasting Love

Writing is my passion. I have always loved writing and playing with words. From figuring out personalized license plates, to word puzzles, to crosswords, words are just my thing. Catch me in the right mood and you will soon discover that I am a persistent punster, sometimes good, sometimes not so much, but if I get on a roll, it's very hard to stop. And don't even talk to me about Dr. Seuss! Hand me a sentence with a Seussian flavor and I'll be talking like Green Eggs and Ham all day!

But don't think I can't be serious. I have written email marketing messages, blog posts, short and long stories, magazine articles and more. Helping others to convey their thoughts, their products, their mission to others in an accessible and eloquent way is a delight to me.

Please select from the writing samples sub-menu for specific examples and contact me if I can put my love of words to work for you!

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