Ashley J Harper - photographer | artist | author

It is my vision and mission to promote light, harmony, healing and connection through the expression of joy, imagination, beauty, and compassion in all that I do.

images I love

Here are some examples of my photography, I hope they will inspire you to explore my galleries, where you will find images of flowers, trees, ocean scenes, architecture and more. (and let's be honest -- I would be honored and excited should you choose to purchase my work! You have lots of options from loose or framed prints, to images on canvas or metal, to mugs and more.)

more than photography

I adore photography. I am also deeply passionate about copywriting/editing, blogging, sci fi/fantasy writing (I am a published author, more about that later), silk & textile painting, glass etching, playing with Sculpy, graphic design and more. Yes, more -- really. Talk about a "slash career"!

join the adventure

Each one of these interests of mine could hold their own as far as careers go, but the adventure (some might use a different word) is in weaving them all together! And for me, that's only just begun. I hope you will stick around to see how it goes!

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